Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer


The Town of Porter Building Inspector is also the Code Enforcement Officer. The Code Enforcement Officer is charged by the Town Board to enforce the Building Code (Uniform Code), Energy Code, Zoning Code, Property Maintenance Code, and the Flood Prevention regulations for the Town of Porter. (to review the Code(s) click on the respective tab on the left). 

Prior to starting ANY projects around your Home or Property; Please check with the Code Enforcement Officer to see
what, if any, permits are required. Refer to the documents on the left for additional guidance and or information - click on the tab(s).

Feel free to contact the Code Enforcement Office if you have any questions, by phone or email.

Note: Should residents need to appear before the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals, the Code Enforcement Officer MUST be contacted first and the Request for Board Action form must be completed.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Peter Jeffery Building Inspector Ext. 7