Tax Collector

The Tax Collector for the Town of Porter is an elected position.

The Tax Collector is in the Town Hall to receive taxes as per the schedule below:

  • Starting January of 2022: Monday & Wednesday 8am to 4pm 
    •     Friday 8am to noon
  • February & March of 2022: Wednesday, 8am to Noon 

Tax payments may also be mailed to:

Town of Porter Tax Collector
PO Box 430
Youngstown, NY 14174-0430

Property Tax Bill Due Date:

All tax bills include the original amount due and the penalty amounts for taxes paid after the due date.

Please check dates carefully.  The US post office postmark is the official date used for determining the date paid.

Please note:  As a property owner, it is your responsibility to make sure the above listed taxes are paid, regardless of whether or not you have received your tax bill.  If you did not receive your bill and it is not being paid by an escrow account, please contact the tax collector.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
James Sharpe Tax Collector Ext 8
Gail Sharpe Deputy Tax Collector Ext 16